Praying in praise of our saving God!
Lord we desire You,
To be in Your presence
Nestled in the arms of Your grace
As You bear us up daily,
Daily offering us salvation;
Seen or unseen,
Understood even in small measure
You remain the God of our salvation,
To You our God, belongs escape from death  - c.f. Psalm 68:19-20;
You alone know our thoughts and wishes,
Often marred by our pain and concern,
Threatened by the transfixing face of death,
Thoughts treated as fleeting in the day, yet never far off;
They may be like fleeting empty breaths, yet pose a truism,
That the days are dark yet not done for.
Thoughts acknowledging You, are our help in troubled times,
Thus we will, in our souls, not live in landless silence,
Your steadfast love holds us up; - c.f. Psalm 94: 11,17 & 18.
May our faith not stutter, Lord we pray;
May our surefootedness not slip, we beseech You!
May we cast every care on You, Christ Jesus Redeemer of all;
May we be held up into the light of Your countenance loving God!
May our burdened, weary souls be lit up in the light of Your love,
That when our cares are so many,
Our hearts emptied of so much,
We may be truly lifted into Your arms
Where our souls are cheered and consoled, for You hear our prayer; Amen.
                                                                                           - c.f. Psalm 94: 18 & 19